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Artist Name: GloatyThegoat

Who are you?

VerstileAlien Many Flows Many Styles And The Creator Of A New Wave #PopMetalDrill

Where are you from?

Carl Anthony Davis was born September 27, 1995, in Chicago, Illinois. Carl spent his early years
surviving a lot of violence on the Chicago south side. His Influences came from different genres of music such as hiphop, pop, r&b, and rock. Carls’ Favorite Influencers were Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Kid Cudi, Lil Boosie, Chief Keef, Paramore, Fallout boy, and Maroon5. By the age of 15, Carl had a huge fanbase in high school and his neighborhood, which also sparked him to start preforming at a lot of his neighborhood events. To pursue his music career, he began to drop more music videos and recording more songs to
gain his popularity and fanbase. As he continued to go along with his career, he also was facing
a lot of traumas from losing his friends to gun violence. He also was losing his family members
as well during the same time period. This caused him to lose focus in his music career for years!

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Song Title: Gloaty X Lilbenny – Ahhhh

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