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Artist Name: Grungemonx

Who are you?

We're a couple of musicians who go way back, and honestly, we spend most of our waking hours listening to music; elegant, experimental, extraordinary MUSIC
At a certain point, during the lockdowns of 2020 we got bored, and to pass the time, one composed the melodies, and the other, wrote the lyrics
Through the ups and downs of the interesting times we live in, we made an EP

Our vision for this EP was accomplished with absolute professionals from a digital marketplace platform, and the album cover (and future merch 🙃) was created by an AI art generator

So, all that's left for you now is to lay back, click "play" and soar away 🤙

Where are you from?

We are into electronic music, HIPHOP, DUB

How can we follow you?


Listen to Grungemonx:

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