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Artist Name: Gwxpo!

Who are you?

If I were to describe myself as a artist I would say I am one of the most versatile artist out of my city. I can do that underground sound r&b and also the mainstream type of sound also, all you really have to do is have confidence and you can hop on any type of beat you want for real.

Where are you from?

Im coming out of Fayetteville North Carolina I dont really like to claim this city for real though. The music scene is not really to big here and for the most part everybody really tries to make the same type of music. It's hard to find some undergroud type of music makers here with that real type of sound but shout out to my niggas Uj, Slimexeno, and Kiloz for real we all really versatile as hell coming from this city.

How can we follow you?

Im out on all platforms under the name Gwxpo! , apple music,spotify,soundcloud,youtube and etc…

Song Title: WTF Goin On!

Listen to Gwxpo!:

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