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Artist Name: Halyze

Who are you?

I would describe myself as an experimental artist, I have arranged tracks from various genres which include: Trap metal, Necrotrap, Melodic Rap, Emo Rap, Rock, and more. My inspiration comes from various artists such as $uicideboy$, Ghostemane, Sematary, XXXTentacion, Slipknot, and Nascar Aloe. I try to utilize my deep bass-type voice to create these songs.

Where are you from?

I am from Brockton MA and the music scene here tends to consist of Drill rappers and Detroit-styled rap. After listening to these types of rappers I have tried to expand and experiment with vastly different genres than the majority of people in my city.

How can we follow you?

Here is a link tree to the major streaming services where you may find my music:

Song Title: GANG

Listen to Halyze:

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