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Artist Name: Hamza

Who are you?

I see myself as someone who can bridge the gap between the Pakistani youth in America and our identity as Pakistanis. Coming to America in 6th grade & having to learn a whole new & much different culture was overwhelming. A lot of people from my country feel out of place. Most of them are living alone away from their families who might still be in Pakistan. I'm here to offer them some comfort so they can see another Pakistani's face or hear my voice among the music industry & give them something to get inspired by. I don't believe in mumble rap & making songs without content. If I can deliver well written, well thought out songs that tell a story people can relate to & benefit from, that's when I've done my job as a rapper.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Came to the states around 2007. Virginia is my second home. Both Pindi and VA have a hot music scene. New artists are emerging everyday. There's Urdu Hip Hop in Pindi, & a lot of the Trap sound in VA. Both cities are a melting pot in terms of culture & music. Shout out Annandale VA.

How can we follow you?

As of right now, I'm only active on SoundCloud & Snapchat. Fans can send me videos of them listening & vibing out to my tracks on Snapchat & I'll tag them & post it n my Snapchat story. You can send me your Snaps at "Hamza_22".

Song Title: 52 Bars

Listen to Hamza:

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