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Artist Name: Hannah Duckworth

Who are you?

Hannah Duckworth is a singer/songwriter based in Seattle whose music offers a clever and creative blend of 2000’s pop-punk, emo, and new age indie rock, with lyrics that are as angsty as they are deep, sophisticated and catchy. Hannah combines elements of nostalgia from eras of music that inspired her most (90’s grunge and pop, 2000s pop punk and indie) to create guitar-driven music guaranteed to tug at your emotions and leave you diving for that repeat button.

Her first singles, “Stay Quiet” and “Arsonist”, were written by Hannah and produced alongside music and business partner, Dillon Vincent and good friend and guitar player, Matt Luthie. Together, the trio took a lo-fi demo of Stay Quiet and turned it into the ultimate pop punk powerhouse jam that bridges the essence of their early pop-punk inspirations with elements of what is popular on the scene today. In the same evening, the trio transformed an acoustic demo of Arsonist to a wildly electric bop that takes the listener on a sonically exciting journey from beginning to end – resulting in an exciting display of range and potential for what is next to come.

Where are you from?

Seattle, Washington! The music scene here is tight-knit and supportive, and surprisingly lacks the cut-throat competitive feel of other cities like Nashville and LA. Everyone generally wants their peers to make great music and have fun doing it. We go to each other’s shows, we hold well attended shows that span multiple genres, and new musicians are openly welcomed throughout the city’s awesome open mic circuit. It’s a great scene to start in!

How can we follow you?

Follow me on Instagram at @hannah_duckworth, or on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/hannahduckworthmusic?ref=clipboard&p=i&c=1&si=C256BA7A497D47148BA719E933E9D327&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Song Title: Stay Quiet

Listen to Hannah Duckworth:

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