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Artist Name: Hasy Miller

Who are you?

Hasy Miller is a full-power artist, producer, composer, and DJ. Hasy Miller has made it his duty to share music with a very fast-evolving industry. A very versatile producer, capable of adapting to any genre or market change. Very few found themselves musically… Hasy Miller has done it. Self-though, ethics, and professionalism have paid off along with his naturally-given talent.

Where are you from?

Born in January 13, 1994 and raised in Guayama, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, it's know as the Capitol of "Reggaeton". That's where Bad Bunny came from. The EDM Scene in Puerto Rico it's not very popular. Seeing an artist like Hasy Miller with qualities of an international producer / DJ grown in this environment is very rare. Very few found themselves musically and fight without any cultural barriers.

How can we follow you?

Fans can follow us using: @hasymiller on any social media platform. Below are the links for convenient access:


Song Title: Hurting Me

Listen to Hasy Miller:

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