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Artist Name: Heroes Of The Gauntlet

Who are you?

We are a symphonic power metal band, inspired by names like Gloryhammer and Rhapsody. But we think we are rather unique, as our background is very different and every member brings in something special. We don't take ourselves too serious, we want to have fun and see the world sing and smile. The lyrics are a spoof of the classic themes; if everyone is inspired by the Lord Of The Rings , why can't we sing about the aadventures of the heroes and villains of Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, a videogame that everyone should love?

Where are you from?

We are an international online collaboration. The core of the band is from the North West of England, with members also joining from North America and Continental Europe. As a metal band, the opportunities in the North West are limited, and we couldn't even recruit enough members to complete our line up. Going fully online has been great.

How can we follow you?

For more news and songs, you can find us on Facebook (Heroes Of The Gauntlet), Youtube (HOTG – Heroes of the Gauntlet), Soundcloud (heroes-of-the-gauntlet) and Bandcamp (heroesofthegauntlet).

Song Title: The Queen's Nest

Listen to Heroes Of The Gauntlet:

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