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Artist Name: Hex

Who are you?

Deep in a simplistic way… I just feel and observe the environment, situations, people around me, everything…hell the lighting in the room even sometimes…I take those impressions and try to culminate them into sound as best as I remember experiencing them. Alot of my lyrics have multiple meanings, I like to leave them open ended so different people can relate to them in their own way when they listen.

Where are you from?

Well I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. I started writing and learning to play guitar/produce music there growing up. I eventually moved to Kauai, Hawaii from there, I ended up learning alot of musicianship from locals there actually, there's a ton of talent all over out there. It's a great culture to be around. I'm currently residing in Wyoming, the music scene here is pretty good, tons of live shows, open mics, etc…I do stick out a bit being a Grunge artist though since country and folk are what's big here, but someone's gotta keep the diversity alive right?

How can we follow you?

I'm currently on YouTube & SoundCloud


Song Title: The Great Escape

Listen to Hex:

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