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Artist Name: Hkadez

Who are you?

Im A Passionate Artist With The Drive To make it to The Top down From Hooks To Verses I think I Got What It Take All I Need is More Support to Really Showout

Where are you from?

I'm From South Side Jamaica Queens Where We All Trying To Live The American Dream I Gets Treacherous Here but As Far As I Can See Its A lot Of Talent Over Here But for Now we All Trynna Put The Spot Light On Each other . Shout Out To Ytb From sutphin Shawny Bin laden Big Yaya Big and etc Shout Out Rahmeezy And cash Cobain and the Engineer too !

How can we follow you?

Fans Can Listen to me on SoundCloud and YouTube @Hkadez (both Apps)
Soon Release Music On All Platforms

Song Title: PSA

Listen to Hkadez:

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