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Artist Name: Holywell Collective

Who are you?

We are a multi genre entity a super group of artists from different parts of the world that meet together to create music merging soul,rock, hip hop and big 808s. We are here to inspire artists to be independent and original without any fear.

Where are you from?

We are a DIY music collective based in East London at the heart of Shoreditch. Shoreditch is buzzing with multi culturalism and artists from all backgrounds, skaters, grafitti artists and many fashion desingers. Our scene is a community we are building that brings together cinematographers, rappers, producers, musicians and singers all merging under one mission to play our own shows completely DIY without any middle gate keepers and we have accomplish that everytime we pull up to perform at our shows.

How can we follow you?

Fans can always listen to us via Spotify, Youtube and get in touch via Dm with us on Insta or Tik Tok! We always welcome chats and we always respond

Song Title: Danger Danger

Listen to Holywell Collective:


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