A SoundCloud repost chain is a method of promoting a track on SoundCloud by having it reposted by a series of users. Here’s how it works:

The track is initially posted by the artist or a representative of the artist.
The artist or representative reaches out to a group of SoundCloud users and asks them to repost the track.
The users who agree to repost the track do so, which causes the track to appear on their profile and in the feeds of their followers.
As the track is reposted by more users, it gains exposure to a wider audience and has the potential to go viral.
Repost chains can be an effective way to get a track noticed on SoundCloud, but they can also be viewed as spammy if they are not done in a tasteful way. It’s important to only participate in repost chains if you are genuinely interested in the track and want to help promote it to your followers.

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