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Artist Name: hummus

Who are you?

I love music. I'm very music-oriented: I play cello, piano, ukulele, some guitar, drums, some violin, some trumpet, timpani, anything percussion, French horn, etc. Anything you name, I've tried. I love to experiment with different music styles: one day I'll make something EDM, the next day R&B, the next Hip-Hop, and so on. I am also very distracted: I sit down to make a beat, and then thirty minutes later will end up doing something completely different. This results in a ton of unfinished drafts because I get inspiration and then I just forget about it. It's something I definitely need to work on.

Where are you from?

I'm originally from Los Angeles, California, and the music scene was very hip-hop and rap-oriented. However, although I'm a huge fan of that kind of music, it was always clear to me that I enjoyed pop and EDM as well. That's why I'm trying hard to get the right equipment to start becoming a real EDM artist. Although it is true I'm good at rapping and capable at it, I'm not as inclined to make rap beats as to make EDM beats because EDM really showcases the work of the beatmaker rather than the singer, and that's more of my speed. I can rap, however, so maybe I'll try some of that in the future…

How can we follow you?

Right now I only do SoundCloud, but after/during college, I will expand my horizons.

Song Title: where it hurts

Listen to hummus:

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