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Artist Name: Hydro

Who are you?

Im an unknown artist, i make relatable rap music for situations in life that i'm going through, from mental health to friendship problems that maybe other's out there could relate to if you are going through something!, then i switch it up to cocky/ vibey type of music! Im still new to the scene really only been making music about 3 years now but im far from hitting the best version of me!

Where are you from?

Im from a little town in Cheshire UK but currently living in wales!, i would say the music scene is not massive as far as i know in my hometown, however there are some sick unknown artists in the area! Wales has definitely got some mad tallented artists! Shout out to all the unknown artists, we are killing it and one day will get our time!!

How can we follow you?

Please go follow my instagram and show some love! : @james_stl100
Please check out all my music on spotify and youtube ; https://open.spotify.com/artist/3kPE9CDhv7FC0THchJ1RMN?si=rq0-Y9bSSHmkO8RgicmwEg
Youtube ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9MbhDQdnEknHN9x46BZpFA

Come say hi and ill show love back man!!

Song Title: Floodsigns

Listen to Hydro:

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