If my music is good, will soundcloud promote it?

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SoundCloud’s promotion policies are based on a variety of factors, and the quality of your music is one of them. However, it’s important to understand that SoundCloud has millions of users, and there are many other artists and creators competing for attention. Therefore, simply having good music is not a guarantee that SoundCloud will actively promote your music.

In order to increase your chances of being promoted by SoundCloud, you should focus on building a strong following and engaging with your audience. This can be done by sharing your music on social media, collaborating with other artists, and participating in the SoundCloud community by commenting and reposting other artists’ tracks. You can also consider investing in SoundCloud’s promotional tools, such as promoted tracks and promoted reposts, to increase the visibility of your music.

Ultimately, SoundCloud’s promotion policies are influenced by a range of factors, including the quality of your music, your engagement with the platform, and your willingness to invest in promotional tools. By focusing on building a strong presence on the platform and creating high-quality music, you can increase your chances of being promoted by SoundCloud.

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