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Artist Name: indigo!

Who are you?

I don't think I'd consider myself as a regular rapper. I feel like I experiment a lot with my work and I love to be original with my music. Definitely would consider myself as a new wave underground artist that loves rage, hyperpop, trap and pluggnb! I've dropped a few EPs but i'm currently working hard on my first every mixtape which is planned to drop in the first half of this year!

Where are you from?

I was born in the UK but i'm currently living in Australia. Not been too much of a fan of the Australian scene but i've always been inspired by the UK and US when it comes to music. Especially the new underground wave thats been growing in the US.

How can we follow you?

my main soundcloud (where I drop singles, EPs, and tapes that are all final products and perfected): https://soundcloud.com/indigo1nd1g0
my archive soundcloud (where I drop more experimental work that might be snippets or unreleased music): https://soundcloud.com/indigo1nd1g0archive
my youtube channel (all main soundcloud music is dropped here as well, from my very first track to the newest track): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkcfvaF8LT1x0XEXeX3WfSw
my instagram (dm me for collabs): https://www.instagram.com/indigo1nd1g0/

Song Title: VIVIENNE WESTWOOD [feat. Genomorph] (prod. Tazed x venexxi)

Listen to indigo!:

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