Interview: Rican Nasty

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Artist Name: Rican Nasty
Latest Release: Surround Sounds

“A young humbled and talented song writer a motivated and consistent artist who has really started from the mud and won’t stop Becuase he’s driven”

The track?
This new track is full of mixed vibes a whole collection of vibes fitted perfectly into 3 minutes, this track is way more then a great track it also tells a lot about me and what I go through

Dream collaboration?
I never thought about collabing much I want to stay solo you know go out the same way I came in

Where is home and what is the scene like?
I’m from Fredericksburg va and the music out here isn’t too good I mean other then the mainstream rappers that I hear everyday, people make music out here but I’m making it differently there is not one person in my city doing it like me

How has living life influenced your music?
Yes most definitely man, things that I’ve seen heard done and been through you can hear it all in my music it’s wicked for real you can’t trust many people or as that much anyone it’s the reason I started rapping you know the beat is my psychiatrist

Favorite movie?
My favorite move (series) is fast and the furious and I mess with van diseal not only does he protect and do what’s right he stays tru and loyal and keeps it real

Let’s plug that Rican Nasty music!

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Interview: Nasty/Rican Nasty

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