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Artist Name: jamestyler

Who are you?

Man, tough question. I'd say I'm super passionate and picky when it comes to my own music. When someone really cares about what they are releasing, it tends to bleed through in the sound. Its taken quite some time but I can say that I make music that I would listen to. Not going to lie, it wasn't always like that. I take what I do serious, well not to serious. Just enough to where I'm not embarrassed to be that guy linking songs to his SoundCloud on Facebook. Listen to the confusing memoirs of a struggling drug addict dealing with the repercussions and consequences that come with poor choices, mixed with pop punk influenced crying autotuned over siqq beats. Hope you enjoy!

Where are you from?

Boise, Idaho! To be honest it used to be great for heavy music back around 2008-2012. Now days its few and far between. Couple artists trying to recreate that boom bap style hip hop. Not much variety or any artists gaining much traction.

How can we follow you?

profile – https://soundcloud.com/jamestylerkillme

untitled ep – https://soundcloud.com/jamestylerkillme/sets/untitled-1

Song Title: truth critical strikes u for 400k

Listen to jamestyler:

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