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Artist Name: JedeyeThemindseye

Who are you?

I am nothing like the ordinary so it would be wise to consider me as an art rather than an artist itself. My music defines a collection of perceptions effortlessly unified, by a provocative rhythm directed to educate any listener on a journey of self awakening. Every song describes a phase a person either has experienced or will soon enough. You will understand if you listen close, but my flows so versatile many first encounters only hear the profanity of the deliverance, and not notice whats being delivered!

Where are you from?

All the way from south Africa, born and raised in gauteng ,Vaal (Evaton/Vereeniging) where hip isn't just a trend or culture. It's a purpose fortifying enlightenment. Where I'm from ciphers are second nature and original high class lyrical content determines how you will survive in the streets. The words you speak defines how you think and what you listen to and majority of critical thinkers were saved by hip hop.

How can we follow you?

Audiomack : www.audiomack.com/jedeyethemindseye

Sound cloud : www.audiomack.com/kgosi-nathane

Facebook : www.facebook.com/JedeyeThemindseye97

Instagram : www.instagram.com/JedeyeThemindseye97

Twitter : www.twitter.com/JedeyeThemind

Song Title: Came up

Listen to JedeyeThemindseye:

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