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Artist Name: Johnathan Whitehorn (a.k.a p3rsona!)

Who are you?

As an artist, I want to push boundaries and question the norm. I want to do things no one has even thought of before. That's why I got started making hyperpop: an extremist approach to making pop music. I want to make weird, nasty, overblown sounds but ultimately, if the music doesn't make you feel things, then what's the point of even listening in the first place? I want to give listeners something that they can hold and resonate with, but that only comes from the artist themselves. I genuinely enjoy my creative process and with every song I put out, I always want more because I love those songs and hope that others can feel the same as I do about them!

Where are you from?

Originally, I'm from Chicago but moved to North Texas to go to school and further my music career. North Texas is home to some of the best musicians in the world and I had to check it out and learn from the greats that pass through here. Denton, Dallas, Fort Worth… there's no shortage of talent here and I genuinely love that…

How can we follow you?

All my links can be found here 🙂


insta: itsyaboyjohnathan_
twitter: Jsmwn111
facebook: Johnathan Whitehorn
youtube: Johnathan Whitehorn

Song Title: twentyone (ft. Jane Remover)

Listen to Johnathan Whitehorn (a.k.a p3rsona!):

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