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Artist Name: Jus Em

Who are you?

Jus Em has worked with the likes of Polo P from Chicago, Illinois.Featured Shayato Manizo from Zambia on a song called Africa (available on all digital platform) his latest song he featured an Asian rapper Kid Hwan on a song called Flying Beneath 2.0.

Jus Em is also featured on a classic international mixtape STREET B CALLIN THA MIXTAPE by an underground record label called ONE FIVE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. He also appears on a single titled DUNK IT by Dynastic which features himself(Jus Em) and Kid HWAN from South Korea.

On the 19th of May 2022 he had his first ever airplay from an online radio called Amazing Radio, on the show called Amazing Urban. Amazing Radio is based in New York and England.

When he was still a young boy around the age of 10 he played soccer for Ameva and later played for AmaBlack Dragon, which were both under 11 division and while he was doing Grade 7 at Ukukhanya Kwe-Africa Primary school he played basketball for the school team where he achieved a certificate for the Most Valuable Play Award and at that time he was known as Young Em and that was before he even knew he can write Poems.

The year 2013 became the year of greatest discoveries as he wrote his first poem.

"The first track I recorded I worked with MadChance, Junior Nqobani and Lil Keezy. And we called our group Money Angels.
The tittle of that song was First Time or Together . It was 2014 if not 2013 later i left the group.I felt like i didnt belong. Same year I recorded the song at Tamie Mpisane's crib(One Half of Mpisane Brothers). The song was titled Miss Me which featured Zamokuhle Zwane and I used a beat by Final Dot – Something Nice, [downloaded] but the song was trash it never came out.

Third track we worked with Loonatic, Lindane Shange and Sphamandla Nkonyane. Siygangela futhy. We titled that song Summer Time, it was an unplanned song.

2018 I recorded a track with Soak and Ecless Cudburry. The song wasnt a success. We had to release the song with with only one verse, which was mine.I named it Ready For War, produced by Malume.
Same year I dropped an Ep titled Jus Giv Em A Finger Ep a 7 tracks Ep.
°No Concept
°Miss Me _ ft_Zarmore
°What is life without love _ft_Wizzy
°Dear Self
°Ready For War.

2019 I released another Ep titled F.E.A.R(Fake Everything And Rise) which had tracks like Running For The Money (Ft. MadChance, Soak and produced by Queturn.)
Feel Like(Who Got Bars).Trap or Rap Freestyle, Slavery (Ft. Sya B da creator, LB & SB) All produced by Malume..

Where are you from?

Syabonga Masango is a Rapper/Poet, Author and a music Producer born and raised in Molweni a small Kasi just a few kilometers away from Watercrest in Durban.

They use to be a time where hip hop was alive and well I think it was back around 2011 to 2014, They was a local club called Divas Pub that where the love of hip hop grew inside me. They used to host hip hop events there and artists like Boxis, Mastacann (Master Dee & Young cannibal) Josh Dope and many other dope acts would to kill the stage.

A few years later nobody cares about hip hop in my hood. But we had Big V, Khuphs and Lizwi Jiyane whom started an event called Bottomlist, it was a hip hop event which took place at Casablanca Lifestyle one of the biggest clubs in my hood and through that event I realized that 776 (Molweni) has got all the talent, we got artist opening their own bedroom studios with a potential of being a record label in future, we got Reload Music (group/studio), QueturnBeats, SHOWOFF, Sam Frost, Josh Dope, King x, Ntshiza, ZeroTenment Records(studio) which has artist like Malume (Producer), SBee & LGee (Duo), Skobh'Donoro, Dynastic & Jus Em.

We also have other genres besides hip hop which a popular like House Music. You can find Loonatic, Final Dot, BlacksJr, Dj Snev, Mpisane Brothers and many more

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Song Title: A Pill Or Two

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