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Artist Name: KADOMETER

Who are you?

I'm trashy flashy. I wear rags and shitpost shirts and I think they are so cool. I have a hyperpop dynamic with pretty boy elements in the sound. My main theme and goal as an artist is to express mental illness through a different lense than dark and emo. I want to express mental illness with vibrant colors.

Where are you from?

Shoutout to Destin and Northxoolin from Corpus Christi. I was born and raised here. I live by the beach and there is not much of a modern music scene going on. iann dior was in my junior high at Flour Bluff. Since it's dry here I virtually met cool producers like sleeepy, IMMORTAL, Jean Parker, and slicky. I did however produce a track for a high school friend, Dylan, under the name Disbanded the Band for one of his earlier albums.

How can we follow you?

Check out KADOMETER on #SoundCloud

Song Title: sorry for telling the truth !

Listen to KADOMETER:

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