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Artist Name: Kaotik Ind

Who are you?

As a young teenager he discovered rappers, A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator, Travis Scott and Future alongside Houston legends like Geto Boys, Baby Bash, Sauce Walka, and Hosanna Bax just to name a few.

Kaotik later busted into the Houston underground scene with his song “Black Osama 2” reaching over 50,000 streams independently. The record was produced by Europe based producer Eskry,
SG Huncho (Houston), and Kaotik Ind himself. Using a combination of dark orchestra choirs for the intro leading into a sinister EDM melody with hard hitting 808s. Along with additional vocals from SG Huncho.

Kaotik recently released his forthcoming single titled
“Allez Paris”
Reuniting with ESKRY once again
bringing forth a similar ominous and cinematic element combined with head banging drill infused

Where are you from?

Kamal-Sayeed Shabazz, better known as Kaotik Ind is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Houston, TX.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2002, Kaotik was raised by his mother and father, Relocating between Oklahoma and Texas with his mother when he was four.
Kaotik grew up listening to gospel, Hip-Hop/RnB, Alt-Rock and even EDM.

How can we follow you?

Instagram: @kaotikind
YouTube: KaotikInd

Song Title: Allez Paris

Listen to Kaotik Ind:

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