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Artist Name: Karsen <3

Who are you?

I make what I feel.I don’t try to be anyone else I just take inspiration from my influences and write down my thoughts and feelings.that’s my music .I wanna help people heal do my part to make that music that “describes your life right now” I’ve been through a lot of emotional pain growing up music is my way to let it out and I hope people can take that and run with it.

Where are you from?

I’m from Wichita Falls like a couple hours from dallas ,it’s pretty boring here really like the only thing here is my friends and family I love.Shout out Jeremiah and caleb they’ve always supported heavy those are my bothers .

How can we follow you?

all my music is on SoundCloud just look up karsen<3 or karsen 940

Song Title: All in

Listen to Karsen <3:

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