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Artist Name: Kartoon Slumber

Who are you?

Kartoon Slumber is a 15 year old who comes from alot of life strugles such as addictions, money problems, depression, codependency, the death's of young friends and family members he had also grew up in a strick household but even with everything he has never really let anything hold him back and has always moved forward and tried his best to live life to it's fullest even through all the hard times he has always had a feeling for music sense he was young and used to freestyle when he was by hiself to help cope with things he was going through he grew up listening to artist like Juice WRLD, Fetty Wap, XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask The Slump God, Jasiah, but had also listend to other genre's as well and a few others he likes anime, dirtbikes, video games, magic, swords, dragons,taking risk, and more as he hopes one day he can inspire the whole world to be happy and live there live's the best they can and never let anything stop them from doing what they want and belive in and wants everyone to be able to succed in life no matter what as he came from having holes in the ceiling and walls, cardboard for windows, and just straight concrete on the floor in a moldy worn down house yet one day after building up the courage and strength he started making music given he didnt have much money he had to use an old 2015 xbox headset and bandlab but he didnt let that stop him as he said "real music comes from the soul and just becuase i dont have money for real equipment dosent mean i wont use what i have to put myself out there and try my best" even though the production quality was low he started gaining a following base really fast helping him get the money needed for a better mic and even was noticed by one of his inspirations jasiah who he made the song paper with which now has over 10k streams shortly after that he had eventually got hit up and signed to the record label (JULE$ ENTERTAINMENT) and is currently working with them.

Where are you from?

Kartoon Slumber is a music artist from florida the music scene there is very mixed in all honesty as it has artist from all kinds of genre's the closest artist from the same area as the young upcoming artist Kartoon Slumber are XXXTENTACION, and Ski Mask The Slump God

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