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Artist Name: Keriel

Who are you?

I started producing eletronic music very early, and I like to try some freestyle genres, following traditional arrangement, and searching for carthartics moments, since I produce as ghost producer many kind of musics, I try to found the perfect mix wich will make you feel deep emotions.

Where are you from?

Keriel is from São Paulo, Brazil. In São Paulo have a lot of rave parties around the city, I started to go at Techno and Psytrance parties at 16 years old, after that I was in Goa in India for 6 months at 21 years old, where I played in some parties around there, I love to study music textures, chord progressions, and production technics.

How can we follow you?

Song Title: Keriel – A Prova De Balas by Vmz Remix

Listen to Keriel:

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