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Artist Name: Kingsmart

Who are you?

Nigerian singer/Producer Mukhtar Ibrahim Muhammad (aka Kingsmart) began his journey as an artist just a few years ago.

Defining his sound as R&b/soul and Afrobeats, Kingsmart’s message is as authentic as his character.

Kingsmart cites a range of artists as influences; from South Africa’s Lucky Dube, Ireland’s Enya to Nigerian own Mamman Shata. The distance both sonicly and geographically between these three is testament to his own diverse taste and skill set.

By all accounts, greatness surely awaits the Kano native – expect big things in 2022 and beyond.

Where are you from?

Since the birth of Afrobeat music, not many names have emanated from the ancient city of Kano. Yet, Mukhtar Ibrahim Muhammad, alias “Kingsmart”, doesn’t seem to view that as a deterrent. Having been born and raised in a conservative society that hitherto holds an unapproving stance regarding mainstream music, Kingsmart continues to burn the midnight oil, writing and recording songs with the hope that he carves a niche for himself in the Nigerian music scene.

Speaking to Guardian Music, Kano, Kingsmart, graduate of Mathematics Education from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, reveals his struggles to retain his passion for music, coupled with earning good grades in his academic pursuit. He says that building a music career while in school was not a walk in the park. He has had to travel back and forth, from Kano to Zaria and vice-versa, all in a bid to stay on track in both realms. When asked about his love for music, he had this to say:

“I believe music has been a part of me since childhood. I can remember listening to my father talk about Mamman Shata and many other musical legends in northern Nigeria. I have listened to a couple of songs from the maestro—Mamman Shata. I think my inclination towards doing music was shaped by an early connection that I had with musical icons of my father’s generation.”

When asked about going to the university before delving into music proper, he said:

“Talking about doing music and studying mathematics simultaneously, I would say that it was not easy. In fact, in life, nothing is, but everything worth doing is worth doing well. I believe education has a major role to play in the life of every individual, not just musicians or instrumentalists. However, a university education, I believe, is not a requisite for musical success. There are renowned musical artists in Nigeria that weren’t opportune to go to the university. So, it is not binding. However, I believe education has its own way of polishing whatever career one finds oneself in. That is why I had patiently studied Mathematics at one of the leading tertiary institutions in the country. Now that I’m done, I believe I have ample time to focus fully on my music and hopefully see what comes out of it”.

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Song Title: Tems

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