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Artist Name: $kinnyPurp

Who are you?

I would describe myself as versatile. Very creative in general. My grandma & grandpa on my mom side were artists, Painting namely. Then my mom is an artist herself so I just like creating. The music I create is directly inspired by my experiences & environment. I just have many different ways of expressing that. My music is myself.

Where are you from?

I am from Rockford, IL aka Rockghanistan. The home of 2019 NBA Championship winner Fred VanVleet, Michelle Williams(Destiny's Child), Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick, & some others. We're about 100 miles from Chicago. It's hard here for most of us. For the size of my city the violence is high. Got to be careful. So you can hear that in our music here. The pain, struggles is all real. Most of us here in Rockford are very talented, we just get overlooked or something else…To name a few artists from the land to listen to that are Vets & really put in work I'd say Ken the Kid, Wax'a'don, Jersey, Blazo, Nova and then there's some who lost their lives that I feel that if they were here still they'd be somewhere puttin Rockford on the map & I gotta give them a shout out too Gangsta Haij(Rip),One Way(Rip), Rob Paradise(Rip). Respectfully.

How can we follow you?

Get in touch or learn more about future music drops or other projects on the way by
IG https://www.instagram.com/skinnypurpofficial/?hl=en



Song Title: Myself

Listen to $kinnyPurp:

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