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Artist Name: KSO2X

Who are you?

KSO2X is an special type of artist and has the ability and skills that every upcoming artist might take up on. His voice on a track is unique and meaningful on different beats. He dropped 3 projects so far with absolutely no features, which are doing well in streaming services for an artist to stick to himself snd perfect his craft.

Where are you from?

KSO2X, The Miami rising star had been continuously doing numbers since his “Mixed Emotions" project. KSO is a versatile artist who steps out of his comfort zone in his music and is very heartfelt. He dropped his 1st official album "The Ending Awaits" April 20th that includes tracks such as "Holding on, My Time To Go, GMB Flow, Dead Soul, and many more." He also dropped his recent mixtape "It Ain’t Over" on all streaming platforms which also includes tracks such as "Emotions, Big Quaker 2, 5AM 2, and many more."

How can we follow you?

Instagram: @ksodarockstar
YouTube: KSO2X
SoundCloud: KSO2X
Apple Music: KSO2X
Spotify: KSO2X

Song Title: My Time To Go

Listen to KSO2X:

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