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Artist Name: kuyaagui

Who are you?

As an artist, I would describe myself as somebody who tries to push away from what would be considered "normal," so that I can express my own unique style / personality as a musical artist, and also as an individual. I don't take music too seriously, and truthfully the biggest reason I do in the first place is to just express myself, my thoughts, and my feelings. I use music as an outlet for my creative and emotional expression, and my main goal as an artist is to hopefully allow others to connect with the music, or at least to feel something, whether that be sadness, pain, anger, happiness, etc.

Where are you from?

I'm from Waco, Texas where all that cult shit happened, and the music scene here is pretty straightforward with hip-hop/rap as the leading genre, maintaining primarily a mainstream sound. I didn't really fuck with that, I've always liked alternative music a lot more, like the typa shit somebody would hear and automatically say something about me being emo or the song being emo neither the song or me is emo… I'm not saying the music scene here isn't accepting of different genres, although I feel like there's a buildup of stigma about anything that wouldn't be considered "mainstream."

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