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Artist Name: Lamar

Who are you?

I'm a powerful motivated unique determined moldable artist with a vision to give the real me and all of me to people to be able to vibe to and also feel to get goosebumps give back to the people like j cole and kendrick lamar the game drake etc im very universal and give it all i got to put it all back into music what i love

Where are you from?

I come from a unique background that no one would and could imagine Im from the country but move like im from the city my town is in a small rural place where its country and spanish music here mainly. Born without a father and raised by a single mother it was a rough start to life but great even when she met my stepfather when i was five and i was abused and he was bad on pills for years…but anyways my grandfather was an entrepreneur/rancher creating and operating his own services/business where i learned that taking pride in what you do is what matters to take care of your father. my grandmother was an amazing singer alongside of my grandfather they both watched me when i was younger and i watched all of them sing and dance and just enjoy art with their voices and bodies so i grew from those experience at a real young age. my uncles moved dope like 18 wheelers instead of working for my grandfather and i also was raised around that scene watching them move. I played sports all my life and always thought of that being my way out instead of following my uncles footsteps but that didn't turn out to be when i got to high school i got offer a deal with a small label that was gang affiliated and got deep in work and just ended up doing what i promised i wouldn't do but that's a little of what i come from and i hope to get out of my situation with the support of others that love my craft

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Song Title: Pure WTR

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