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Artist Name: Lando Santana

Who are you?

i don't really know how to describe myself anymore. i'm just picasso to be completely honesty, not even tryna brag but my versatility is insane. you give me the canvas & i can paint you any picture you want.

Where are you from?

i'm from baltimore, maryland and honestly the sound out here is very generic. everyone is using the basic guitar beats and using the basic "ghetto gospel" template to base their songs around. it's really repetitive and kind of annoying to be honest because ALL those niggas get the praise 😂

How can we follow you?

supporters can follow my instagram (@landosantana1) and my twitter too if u really wanna get to know my personality (@lsbedatruth). my music is on all platforms too! go make a tiktok to my song or sum 😂🫡🙏🏽

Song Title: Talk to the Moon (L&F2)

Listen to Lando Santana:

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