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Artist Name: Laurent Dé

Who are you?

I am a traveler, sound traveler, i love to go in different direction not espacially where we expect me to be. First of all, i love to work on what i want , not want people want me to work. As en independant artist i can work on different project that inpire me. From French pop to House to techno to instrumental etc. Also i love to make video for my release and my Youtube Chanel got a lot of view because of the style i am using for my image and the sound

Where are you from?

I am Montréal Quebec Canada, and the scene is between what to expect in Europe and USA. This is very rich because the mix of the genre give a unique sound. Listen and enjoy it !

How can we follow you?

On very streamin plateforme and Youtube for the video , here is my chanel: https://www.youtube.com/@laurentde230

Song Title: Love Yout More

Listen to Laurent Dé:

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