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Artist Name: LF3

Who are you?

70+ weeks of new music on all social platforms… leads to this point. Glory is 2nd in the top 3 songs that generated the most engagement on my platforms. These 3 songs are the singles to the upcoming and unannounced album titled, “The Flower Ceremony”. 10+ of audio engineering with plenty of industry talent (DJ Khaled, Acehood, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes and more) through the years has brought me to try my own hands at the art of producing… I’ve been listening for so long… it’s time to Create! LF3… just be Great… and Great things will happen. 🙌🙏🫡

Where are you from?

United States, Florida

How can we follow you?

Apple music, Spotify, Deezer And all many music streaming platform.

Song Title: Glory

Listen to LF3:


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