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Artist Name: Lil AD

Who are you?

I’m an “Spice Talker” & that just means I do the funny comedy punchy type of rap that will make you laugh/hard & it makes you wanna put it in yo playlist to listen!

Where are you from?

I’m from Flint , MI & The music scene great out here, Y’all might’ve heard of Rio Da Yung OG , RMC Mike, Louie Ray, YN Jay, YSR Gramz, KrispyLife Kidd, GrindHard E, Babyfxce E.. It’s a lot of talent out here fashoo! We rap different & not afraid to speak what’s on our mind in the studio!

How can we follow you?



Song Title: Tense (feat. Xantana2x & CapDenny)

Listen to Lil AD:

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