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Artist Name: Lil Heart

Who are you?

To top it all off, ‘Slow Down’ is also included in the up-to-date Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Hip Hop playlist with Lil Heart’s face gracing the playlist cover.

Where are you from?

2023 is definitely Lil Heart’s year—Lil Heart from ATL Ga is on fast rise… From recording songs in his mothers basement & then dropping out of college to pursue his music career. Hard to believe and exciting to experience –this wild ride of his journey is finally starting.

If this doesn’t convince you enough to listen to Lil Heart’s music, then where in the universe are you from?

How can we follow you?

Intsagram: @lillheartt
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/lil-heart/1559282516

Song Title: SLOW DOWN

Listen to Lil Heart:

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