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Artist Name: Locked In Lil

Who are you?

As an artist, I see myself as someone who stands out. Someone who excels in all aspects of music. Whether it be versatility, execution, or promotion, I know that I am different than my counterparts. Throughout my musical journey, I've done many things that label me an outlier. I've made all kinds of music: R&B, lyrical, trap, melodic, even moshpit. I've made business cards and flyers promoting my music and have passed them out and hung them up all across town. I've gone to my local mall many times with a speaker playing my music, asking passerby for two minutes of their time to hear what my mind and ability has created. Therefore, I believe I deserve a chance. A chance to prove myself to the world just how amazing life would be if my music was brought into it.

Where are you from?

I am from a small town in Maryland called Waldorf where locally, artists who aren't already huge and talked about are shown no love or support. You can find many people here living normal, everyday lives shopping at supermarkets, taking walks, getting pulled over, etc. But none who take the time to experience new music, hence why I am coming to you today.

How can we follow you?

All of my social and music links are located in one, easy-to-access link titled, https://linktr.ee/lockedinlil

Song Title: Emotionless

Listen to Locked In Lil:

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