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Artist Name: Lost Foxes

Who are you?

In 2021, Lost Foxes released our debut album "Welcome to Kiff." A conceptual album about three protagonists trying to escape the clutches of the evil government that runs the dystopian city of Kiff. In August of 2022, they released their first EP called "LAZY", an ironic jab at the state of modern pop music. On August 31st, 2022, a website called Divide and Conquer picked up their album "Welcome to Kiff" and wrote a review on it. "The vocals are memorable and the production was inventive." -Jamie Funk, Divide and Conquer. The Lost Foxes band is currently working on their second full studio album to continue the story and is excited to release it soon.

Where are you from?

Lost Foxes is a band from Chattanooga TN. Lost Foxes is bringing Alt-Pop/Alt-Rock to a mainly country-dominated state.

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Song Title: LAZY

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