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Artist Name: Luqman

Who are you?

I am a stylish introspective rapper. My wordplay, bars and cadences are extremely intricate while also catchy. I've been dropping bangers for almost 2 years straight now and am starting to really gain traction. Music is my therapy, it has helped me through my darkest times and brought me to a level mentally that is unstoppable. My trials have forged me in fire and now I am an inspiration to all those who need to see the light inside the darkness. I AM EXPRESSION.

Where are you from?

It's your boy Luqman repping the 705! Peterborough, Ontario , Canada just outside Toronto! The music scene is bumping and I am a big staple in my home town.

How can we follow you?

On Social media I am @705luqman ALL over! and on Streaming services I.E Spotify and Apple it is just "Luqman"!
Here is my Link tree which takes you to ALL my links! Bless up https://linktr.ee/705luqman

Song Title: Mariachi Man

Listen to Luqman:

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