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Artist Name: Lyneé Michelle

Who are you?

My Chic Jazzy Style with Urban appeal has led her to be diverse and unique. I Started My own music publishing. I decided to bring change by unapologetically diversifying music. My music has a presence with universal appeal. I bring culture, creativity, and passion to the creative world. Multi-talented and versatile in the field of music and acting I am outgoing and strong-willed. I started establishing rapport by networking with artists in Baltimore, Dc, Va, Philly, California, Texas, Atlanta, New York… networking and collaborating creating opportunities for herself and other talents to live out their goals and dreams. Lyneé Michelle has been cultured through her Walk of Life and hardships. I've also been seasoned artistically through various roles from HBO The Wire, Modeling events, Step up movies, the Broadway play Dreamgirls. Socially conscious I am adamant about being positive and I continue to cultivate young minds to strive despite life's hardships. As a trendsetter will ultimately fill the void that exists in the music industry. Transcending race, color, creed, culture, and religion Lyneé Michelle will diversify music as we know it today.

Where are you from?

I was Born in Monterey California and raised in Baltimore Maryland. As an Dynamic singer/songwriter, I've has been blessed with a Mastery of 5 melodious octaves as well as writing capabilities. To me, the music scene is very interesting but I believe that with the right team you can bring your vision to fruition.

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Song Title: Faith

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