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Artist Name: M.a.r.v.i.n

Who are you?

I am creative. I will never find myself sticking to one genre of music, I always want to explore other genres and somehow merge them together to sound unique. I can also make beats so that is also creative.

Where are you from?

I am from mozambique but i grew up in south africa. I came from a family where we listen to a variety of music genre and it had an influence in me since i learnt from a young age to be versatile. My brothers both like mumble rap and because of that i try to make something we can all like a vibe too, but i also do RnB and a mixture of both. I am also influence by dancehall music like bruna boy and wizkid and also tems, and sometimes i try to put a little bit of me into that style.

How can we follow you?

Song Title: Daddy

Listen to M.a.r.v.i.n:

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