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Artist Name: Matiu Lyon

Who are you?

I'm a liberal creative artiste. I don't like being defined or boxed up in a limited space when it comes to how much I want to create something new with my music. So I could do a R&B song this minute and write a reggae song in the next hour. I just love to go with the flow, and in that way, whoever listens to my music don't only hear but also connect through the emotions and messages attached to the song. Anything can inspire me.

Where are you from?

I'm a singer, songwriter, producer and sound engineer based in Lagos, Nigeria. I was born and brought up here too in a city known as Ikorodu. Been writing music since I was 9years old and I've been singing way earlier than that. I grew up under the influence of so many great artistes across every music genre you can think of, because Lagos is a big state with different people and cultures from different parts of the Country, with broad interests in different music genres and numerous favourite celebrity singers not just from Nigeria but all over the world. Every child could sing countless songs from multiple music albums. Literally, I've been doing music all my life and even when I'm not making it, I hear it from my environment somehow.

How can we follow you?

All social media platforms from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, my username is matiulyon. Just that simple. Same on all streaming platforms worldwide from Audiomack, SoundCloud, Spotify, apple music, Deezer and the list goes on . Just search for the name Matiu Lyon and you'll find me.

Song Title: Voodoo

Listen to Matiu Lyon:

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