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Artist Name: MaxOhWell

Who are you?

I’m a lyrical rapper who freestyles so that he can create a natural and real feeling to his music. I like quality in my rhymes not just something catchy or trendy. I also like to consider myself pretty emotionally open in my music I’m not afraid to say anything about myself (habits, issues, goals, my past etc.)

Where are you from?

I’m from Louisiana and that’s where my rap style comes from as a freestyler (I never write). I do live in Colorado now where no Hip Hop/Rap artists have really blown up so I’m trying to be the first!!

How can we follow you?

Pretty much all streaming services as MaxOhWell I am dealing with a name change right now (MaxOhWell is my new one) so Maxx$aMilli will show up on Apple Music still until that is fixed on their end. I’m on all social media as realmaxohwell

Song Title: Rear View Mirror

Listen to MaxOhWell:


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