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Artist Name: Miilky

Who are you?

I'm always positive and encouraging. I'm always working to cheer everyone up, even if we're all tired from traveling or feel burnt out from the work or many concerts we've been playing at. I constantly try to find ways to get my team pepped up and excited so that we can perform our best every time.

Where are you from?

I am from Montreal.
As many of you may know, the Montreal beat scene has been making waves since the mid-2010s, when the Piu Piu collective, an experimental and multilingual group of Montreal producers started getting noted for their eclectic approach to music.

Eventually, one producer, Kaytranada, became something of a standard-bearer for Montreal’s cosmopolitan beat-scene with his versatile mix of house, R&B, and Hip Hop that allowed him to rise to international stardom.

But the Montreal beat scene is much more than just Kaytranada, as the vibrant Canadian city is a hotbed for talents eager to explore and experiment with their music.

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Song Title: Miilky – Vlone

Listen to Miilky:

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