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Moch Dimas Almahtar, also known by his stage names Dimas Hop, ArtChive DMZ, and ArtChive Beat, is a multi-talented Indonesian musician and music producer. He was born on January 16, 2000 in Bogor and raised in Sukabumi.

Dimas started his music career in 2014 as a rapper and learned to write lyrics from a group of young people in Depok called Threelogy Hip-Hop. In 2015, he began releasing singles on the online music platform Reverbnation after moving to Sukabumi.

In 2016, Dimas founded a hip-hop community called MFS (Motherfucker Squad) with fellow musicians DYVV and WibuSex. The following year, he released a mini-album titled "Semester Satu" consisting of six songs, which gained attention from local media and helped him gain popularity among hip-hop fans.

Aside from his music career, Dimas is also a skilled music producer, known as Almactar Beat. He has produced beats for various songs made by members of the MFS community. He later changed his producer name to ArtChive Beat, in line with his involvement in the intellectual property collective ArtChive, which he co-founded with fellow creatives ArtChive DMZ, ArtChive SXX, and ArtChive VSL.

ArtChive is focused on art and culture, with a foundation in music, visual art, design, and concepts or ideas. They aim to connect perspectives and build bridges, and each member contributes their own expertise to the collective. ArtChive DMZ and ArtChive SXX are musicians and songwriters, while ArtChive SXX is also a skilled illustrator. ArtChive VSL is a graphic designer and visual creator, while ArtChive Beat produces music. The collective believes in viewing everything from an artistic perspective and creating a culture of innovation, harmony, and teamwork

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Song Title: One Minute Freestyle Compilation

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