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Artist Name: Monta

Who are you?

After decades of experience as a multi instrumentalist, recording artist, artist manager, and everything else in between, these combinations have fused together and spawned a new musical landscape in the world of Montao.

The trap door from another dimension has opened, and he will be here to stay.

Montao's debut single transcends from the depths of quirky samples, sofa style beats, and paints a cinematic story based around all the elements of entering his so called ‘Halloween House’.

Encapsulated amidst the terrain of a curious and sometimes confusing world, Montao is putting things right…one beat at a time.

Where are you from?

I am based in the home of the Beatles….

Liverpool is forever a thriving city, with amazing musical heritage and I LOVE IT!

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Song Title: Halloween House

Listen to Monta:

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