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Artist Name: Nari Narcotic

Who are you?

Ain’t no telling what sound I’ll pump out, the music I make all depends on my mood.
I’ve got high energy trap bangers, melodic rnb tracks and I’ve got songs where I’ve rapped on techno beats. The best word to describe my sound is versatile, but I don’t like to use that word. I like to say you can call me Narcotic Picasso, I’m not a rapper I’m an artist!

Where are you from?

Atlanta is my hometown, I love it here! The music scene is poppin and native artist really embrace upcoming natives. Being from Atlanta is like having an cheat code into the music industry. In the last two years I’ve been blessed to work with some of greats! I’ve released a song called “All Her Life” featuring Atlanta native & platinum recording artist Kwony Cash. I also have a song called “Smoke” featuring Atlanta native Hott LockedN
he’s 2Chainz artist and currently signed to TRU, 2 Chainz record label. My most recent release features Atlanta native Shawty Boy who’s know for his rise to fame after signing a major deal with with Soulja Boy’s record label SODMG. I literally come from recording music in my bathroom because I couldn’t afford studio time, to working with some of the greats!

How can we follow you?

To keep up with my lifestyle and newest music follow me on Instagram @Narinarcotic & my music is available on all streaming platforms, just search Nari Narcotic.

Song Title: ATL

Listen to Nari Narcotic:

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