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Artist Name: NCU Veteran

Who are you?

I molded myself as an artist mostly back in like 2019-2020; during that time period I was really into juice wrld so a lot of my cadence and style was built around that. However, before juice wrld I was big on uzi. The influence is definitely there from both of them. But these days I do think I've created almost my own sound. In just take any beat that sounds good to me, and I punch in on it. Im pretty good at coming up with lyrics on the spot; so I rarely write these days.

Where are you from?

I'm from the DMV; I haven't really been tapped into the local sound since like 2019. Back then it was like yungmanny; xanman; maybe qdafool running the area. In the lower underground I am friends with a few other local rappers like Asvp200 and kindrew.

How can we follow you?


Song Title: PRTY GRL!

Listen to NCU Veteran:

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