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Artist Name: NOON

Who are you?

NOON aims to promote electronic and funk music, mixing old and new, through the fusion of analog synthesizers, funky bass-lines, groovy vocals and catchy vocoders. NOON tracks aim to have an energetic yet nostalgic mood.

Where are you from?

NOON is a Montreal based electro-funk band, founded by Nicolas Bouvier and Lucas Grobon. Nicolas grew up as an expat in countries such as Japan, Germany, and France, giving him a diverse cultural background in his approach to music production. Lucas Grobon grew up in the suburbs of Paris, giving him an edge on the French Touch cultural movement, which is heavily reflected in NOON's tracks.

How can we follow you?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/noon.msc/

Song Title: Enter The Void

Listen to NOON:

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