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Artist Name: North Blake

Who are you?

I am an up and coming DIY artist, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, performer. Blending different styles such as soul, R&B, pop, hip hop, rock – I am able to create distinguish, but aesthetic original music. Soulful guitar riffs, deep hidden lyrical concept, capturing storytelling and western dark palette of soundscape describes my music just perfectly. The production moves you back in time a few years back when everything seemed to be simpler. It creates the memories that you may never had before. Sounds of rain, fused with melancholic guitar parts, melodic trap vocals & beats – gets the listener all in their feelings. Like I mentioned before, I always try to take on new challenges, genres, and expand my own musical boundaries, but at the end of the day, it still does sound like something that I only would be able to create.

Where are you from?

First of all I would love to shout out every independent artist, that is trying to grind his way up to the success. The mental and physical tall it takes to deal with musicians journey and difficulties is not spoken enough. Over the past few years I've been traveling and studying through a lot of places. Spent a few years in LA, London and Berlin, while meeting a lot of talented artists, producers and performers. Although I might be experiencing a lot of cultural influence while improving in different musical areas, I believe my individual music still remains original and authentic. This year I was able to to release my first collab, and it is by far – the best one that I could have ever imagined! Lyrical flow and tone from the quickly rising, up and coming rapper from Chicago – LoveAura – boosts the song to another level.

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Song Title: Locked In

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